Thursday, April 5, 2012

Today I'm sooo Happy..

Hi Friend,

Today I want to share with you about a thing that really made my day, that makes me contemplate further about...Hmmm.. A priceless thing.

This evening, I’ve just met with an old woman that has ‘disabilities’, she can’t walking and speaking normally and she’s got bent spine. I feel a bit scared when she greeted me, since I was daydreaming anyway. She asked for some water and foods from me, she looked so tired. I immediately get some foods and water for her. She said, that her home is still far away and didn’t know how she should get there. I told her that the place where she lives was too far if reached by foot, so I drove her to a public transport and asked the driver to take her home.

It was a raining afternoon, people around me looking  at me astonished when I hold her hand as guiding her to crossing the traffic jam. As if they saw an angel in front of them. Hehe.. or is it just a feeling of over-flattered? :P

Today I feel so blessed that I can ease other’s difficulties, although it’s just a small deed.  Really, the such things that gives ‘value’ to my life. Of course, I don’t feel that I’m a good person neither it is my purpose to be, nor want to be considered as  a good person. Nope. I just want to share with you. I just feel that, it is the things that makes me happy. If I can make other person happy, then it gives me sincere happiness as well.

And that’s why, I always kept my dreams to be a rich woman someday. I don’t need a normal standard to determine that I’m rich. If I could give ‘something’ to people in need, so to me, I’m rich. The more I can give, the richer I am.

Well, that’s my little note today, there’s nothing to be proud of. I wrote my memorable moments here to remind me that I’ve done something that my heart told.

Thanks for reading. J

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