Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm Just Sulking

Just let me cry out, sulk and not talk for a while
I just want to be alone, listen to my heart
Maybe I'll soon be back to you, with a better feeling.
Do not anger my God.. I'm just sulking.

Only accompanied by silent grief
I know you heard me, looked at me with love
It's just that sometimes I don't understand
The way you loving me

I'm just sulking,
Knowing that I'm not as strong as I'm supposed to be
Knowing that I'm not as good as I'm supposed to be
Let me cry out and hating myself

I know that tomorrow morning, I'll get better
Let the silence of night makes me forget my pain
Let my dream tonight makes me forgive my sorrow
Let your infinite love be a healer for my sick

I hope that tomorrow morning, I'll understand better

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Today I'm sooo Happy..

Hi Friend,

Today I want to share with you about a thing that really made my day, that makes me contemplate further about...Hmmm.. A priceless thing.

This evening, I’ve just met with an old woman that has ‘disabilities’, she can’t walking and speaking normally and she’s got bent spine. I feel a bit scared when she greeted me, since I was daydreaming anyway. She asked for some water and foods from me, she looked so tired. I immediately get some foods and water for her. She said, that her home is still far away and didn’t know how she should get there. I told her that the place where she lives was too far if reached by foot, so I drove her to a public transport and asked the driver to take her home.

It was a raining afternoon, people around me looking  at me astonished when I hold her hand as guiding her to crossing the traffic jam. As if they saw an angel in front of them. Hehe.. or is it just a feeling of over-flattered? :P

Today I feel so blessed that I can ease other’s difficulties, although it’s just a small deed.  Really, the such things that gives ‘value’ to my life. Of course, I don’t feel that I’m a good person neither it is my purpose to be, nor want to be considered as  a good person. Nope. I just want to share with you. I just feel that, it is the things that makes me happy. If I can make other person happy, then it gives me sincere happiness as well.

And that’s why, I always kept my dreams to be a rich woman someday. I don’t need a normal standard to determine that I’m rich. If I could give ‘something’ to people in need, so to me, I’m rich. The more I can give, the richer I am.

Well, that’s my little note today, there’s nothing to be proud of. I wrote my memorable moments here to remind me that I’ve done something that my heart told.

Thanks for reading. J

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Dignity

Di tengah retakan bara,
Langit siang ini adalah mendung terkelam
Yang pernah menemani hembusan nafas
Tak mengapa, aku belum menyerah

Air mata terasa telah habis terkuras,
Desahan keluh telah kuadukan pada senyap
Dan ketakutan kerap menikam pembuluh darah
Tak apa, semua akan baik-baik saja

Hatiku masih berbisik,
Aku masih dapat tegak berdiri.

Harga diriku adalah jiwaku,
Harga diriku adalah sebagai hambaMu,
Atasnya aku bersedia bertaruh nyawa
Tak akan ku tukar dengan segunung berlian
Tak akan ku tukar dengan buaian mimpi indah

Aku hanya meminta padaMu, Cahayaku..
Apabila waktu telah memutar arahku
Ke tempat yang sama sekali berbeda
Mampukan aku tetap berpijak,
Pada harga diriku.